Rain Water in Larimer

Living Waters of Larimer (LWOL) advocates for community open space that is brought to life with rainwater infrastructure.

We are a group of community members, artists, designers, and engineers that has been working under the Larimer Consensus Group to engage residents, business owners, developers, and other organizations and agencies in “water first” planning in support of the Vision-to-Action Plan.

The project advocates for high quality and high performing places while building community leadership in Larimer and in the region.

Larimer has been Thinking About Water

Larimer Community Plan, 1998+2008


A Statement of Intent for the Neighborhood

The neighborhood of Larimer developed a shared understanding of its own strengths and challenges, and a unified strategy for creating and inclusive community. The plan created the first ever community-based Action Teams.

Larimer Vision Plan, 2010


Information Gathering About Physical Land Assets

This land-use vision plan addresses the opportunities and challenges related to water, as identified in the Place & Environment Goals in the Larimer Community Plan.

Living Cities Masterplan, 2011

Urban Strategies + Planning

The Living Cities Masterplan was Pittsburgh first ecodistrict plan. The plan quantified baseline stormwater performance and proposed projects and policies to decrease runoff and improve water quality.

Choice Neighborhoods Plan, 2013

Ideas in Action

The Choice Neighborhoods program identified major development areas and stormwater infrastructure that could support the community vision. The first development areas are currently under construction.

Apples on the Avenue: Urban Agriculture in Larimer

Urban agriculture has a long history in Larimer, from carp ponds to backyard gardens that fed families. The community has come together to write the next chapter for growth. This report, created as part of the Living Waters of Larimer project, is intended to help advance Larimer’s ongoing efforts to create a community focused model for urban agriculture.