Little Negley Run


Negley Run, like most of the streams in the City of Pittsburgh, is invisible to us today. The stream once connected Squirrel Hill to the Allegheny River, but today there is no collective memory of the stream and very few clues in our urban fabric. Change was unavoidable in Negley Run –located on a relatively flat area east of the city, the East End was farmed and later urbanized. The incoming waves of residents considered the water as a resource or a nuisance that had to be controlled and, beginning in the early 1800’s, the stream was systematically rerouted, straightened, channeled, and covered.


Capacity + Context

Little Negley Run will restore part of the northern Larimer branch of Negley Run, imitating the natural stream path with a beautiful and effective constructed stream that will connect a network of detention pools and wetlands…