Living Waters Team Members Meet with Larimer Businesses

Since the spring of 2015, Living Waters of Larimer has engaged nearly a dozen neighborhood businesses and commercial property owners to discuss stormwater issues in our watershed. Property owners learned about the potential impact of green infrastructure projects, and how they could begin to collect rain water on their properties. Some businesses are pitching in by contributing goods or services to Living Waters to help us get educational materials to Larimer residents and to neighboring communities. East End Brewing hosted a meeting that brought a number of property owners and business owners into their space to learn about Living Waters of Larimer.

LWOL Meeting with Commercial Property Owners


Some of the local businesses and area organizations we have met with include:

  • Marcus Studio, Inc.
  • James Wood Works
  • Sculptor Jonathan Shapiro
  • GTECH Strategies
  • AE Works
  • East End Brewing
  • Broudy Printing

We are excited to maintain positive relationships with commercial property owners and to work with them on improving stormwater conditions in Larimer.